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1. Where is DIICSU located?

New Campus, Central South University, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan province.

2. How qualified is DIICSU's teaching staff?

Our excellent teaching staff is from University of Dundee (UoD) and Central South University (CSU). Each teacher is required to receive teacher training from both universities, and only those who have passed the training can be employed. Furthermore, CSU and UoD teachers are paired up to prepare lessons together and share teaching resources.

3. What languages are used for teaching at DIICSU?

The military training and political science courses are taught in Chinese, but all other courses are taught in English.

4. What certificates are awarded by DIICSU?

Students who complete all the teaching sessions of the training programme within the study period stipulated by CSU and meet the graduation requirements of the university will be awarded a CSU Undergraduate Diploma; those who meet the requirements of the university for the award of a degree will be awarded a CSU bachelor's degree and a UoD bachelor's degree.

5. What is the University of Dundee honours degree?

An honours degree is different from an honorary degree, only those with good grades can get an honours degree. In the UK, there are four classes of undergraduate degree based on the final grade: First Class Honours; Second Class Honours, Upper Division; Second Class Honours, Lower Division; and Third Class Honours.

6. Are the Chinese diplomas and degrees issued by CSU to DIICSU graduates the same as those for the corresponding majors?

Yes, the Chinese diplomas and degrees are completely consistent with the corresponding majors. Neither "Sino-foreign cooperative education institute" nor "Dundee International Institute" appear on the certificates.

7. How are students helped to adapt to full English teaching?

To help students improve their English and adapt to the full English teaching environment, first-year English lessons are taught in small classes with teachers selected by UoD. During the teaching process, intensive English-learning Summer camp will be provided for those who need it.

8. Why study at DIICSU instead of going abroad?

By studying at DIICSU, you can enjoy the high-quality education resources of the two universities and enhance your competitiveness in terms of employment and further education in China and abroad; compared with going abroad for undergraduate studies, studying at CSU is economical, safe and reliable, and you can obtain a degree and diploma from CSU.

9. Do students have an advantage when they apply for further study abroad upon graduation?

DIICSU combines the characteristics of teaching in both China and the UK and offers quality educational resources. Students can master professional knowledge and skills while also becoming proficient in Chinese and English and adapting to foreign teaching methods and patterns. Therefore, students have a more obvious competitive advantage when applying for further study abroad.

10. How do I apply to DIICSU?

DIICSU comes under the general batch admission. Please apply for the majors offered by DIICSU according to the enrolment plan announced by the Provincial Enrolment Department following the College Entrance Examination (Gaokao).

11. Is it possible to change my major after entering DIICSU?

You cannot transfer out of DIICSU during your undergraduate studies, but you can change your major within the institute depending on vacancies.

12. Is it possible to take the postgraduate entrance examination or get recommended to be exempted from the postgraduate entrance examination?

DIICSU enjoys the same policy as other secondary CSU colleges in terms of graduate studies and examinations.